Student Quotes

Student Quotes

"Yesterday I received a letter informing me that I passed the oral exam! I cannot believe I passed it the first time around and I just wanted to thank you for offering such a great program, I could not have done it without you!" - I. Herrera

" I want to take this time to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me and help me with my classes. Your program is the best in the United States and I am not only blessed but fortunate to have come across with your program. I have seen a great level of improvement since the first class i took. Thank You .My regards to all the staff and specially to Mr. Wagner for being such and amazing instructor. God bless you" - Julissa Clapp

"I want to inform you that thanks to your excellent and unparalleled preparation courses I received at your school, I passed the state court interpreter examination this August. Your school with it's professionalism, competent and helpfull staff made it possible for me to attain my long awaited goal and I'm glad to see the fruits of all the hard work invested into it. " - L. Garcia

"I just wanted to share that I received the results of my oral exam today and I passed!!! It was only my 2nd try after 6-months of training with your school (online courses). Thank you for the lectures, the practices, the mock exams, the assessments, etc." - E. Garza (2009)

"I am an online student at your school. I was just informed that I passed my oral portion of the state exam. I am very satisfied with the training and support I have received from your school and I would recommend it to anybody that is interested in becoming an interpreter." - M. Padilla

"I just wanted to thank you for all the excellent training your school provides. I passed the oral exam on my 2nd try." C. Arvizu

"I work for the Law Offices of the Public Defender and I know that the class material is right on with the actual court material." - R. Chagolla

"This is to advise that I PASSED the Federal Oral Examination and that is thanks to your fine program". - M. Foraker

"Le agradezco sinceramente por la calidad de su programa y toda la ayuda que usted y su personal les proporcionan a sus alumnos". - L. Smith

"This program is great, I've met a handful of people who have been struggling, trying to learn this career on their own or in other schools that they ended up dropping out / giving up." - V. Esparza

"I write to you with great pride to let you know that thanks to you and your wonderful instructors at your school I have passed the state of California Court Interpreter Exam. Words fail me to convey how thankful I am to you and your staff for this wonderful opportunity that opens for me". - D. Roman

"I DID it! I PASSED! Thank you Mr. Wagner and SCSI! I can now live my dream :D I'll check in for classes and preparing for the federal exam.". - R. Lopez

"I passed the oral exam!!!!! Thanks for everything!". - C. Barbour

"I received my results yesterday and I'm very happy to report that I passed the exam! I owe this in part to SCSI for giving me the skills, the knowledge and the extra confidence I needed to accomplish this goal. Thanks to your program and your teaching techniques, I not only earned my certification, but I have acquired the tools required to be a professional Spanish Interpreter. Thanks again for everything!". - C. Huey

"Soy una antigua estudiante suya, española, del curso 2008-2009 y tengo el gusto de comunicarle que he aprobado el examen oral de intérpretes judiciales de California. Aprovecho esta ocasión para expresarle mi agradecimiento pro todos los conocimientos que me ha transmitido. Admiro su labor como formador de futuros intérpretes. Su ayuda me ha sido muy valiosa". - M. Paz Martinez

"Just wanted to let you konw that I passed my oral exam. I am thrilled and excited. Thank you SCSI for all your assistance during my course work. Please, do let Mr. Wagner know and thank him for his excellent teaching techniques. I obviously could not have done it without all of his assistance". - L. Zamora

"Advanced Crim II is a class very well-structured. I feel as though I am studying at Julliard School of Music or trying out for the New York City Ballet. This is not just simple hyperbole!". - M. Farrelly