Quotable Quotes from Our Students

Would you recommend our program and why?

“Yes, to anyone who is really interested and serious about accomplishing this course. It takes dedication.”

Criminal Proceedings II Student

“I have already recommended highly and any comments I have are consistent with the reputation the school has.”

N. Rodriguez

“I have attended other programs, and I find this one prepares you better for the oral exam.”

J. Toriz

“Yes, it is better than other programs out there, at least I think so. I tried the one in Fullerton, and quit half-way because I didn’t learn anything.”

Criminal Proceedings I Student

“Yes, truly the best way to learn to be an interpreter”

Criminal Proceedings I Student

“Yes, this school over-preps you for the state exam!"

Criminal Proceedings II Student

“Definetely, the numbers speak for themselves and I support that, based on my personal experience."

F. Porras

“You have a great school"

R. Chagolla

“Yes, definitely because it is not only a nice environment, but also the school has a very nice staff.”

J. Kenin

“I’m just glad to be a part of this school. We need a t-shirt or sweatshirts. That would be so cool!”

L. Heafey

“I have taken this course before and you have improved. All systems are in place. Your program is complete and goes to the heart of the matter.”

Criminal Proceedings I Student

“You surpassed my expectation. You have been excellent.”

V. Cullen (Attorney from Colombia)

“Yes, possibly the best school in Southern California."

A. Reyes

“Actually, I think that this is the best school for interpretation in California.”

D. Montestruque

“Definitely, you have an excellent program.”

L. Moz

“Everything is perfect. The instructors know exactly what they’re saying 100% of the time.”

Criminal Proceedings I Student

“You definitely get your money’s worth as a student.”

J. Rivas

What is your opinion about the class website on the internet?

“The class website is very helpful because it offers you the opportunity to practice and access the lab whenever and wherever you want. I took full advantage of this feature and would access the lab everyday.”

Criminal Proceedings I Student

“The website is highly useful in helping future interpreters develop their technique in both the consecutive and simultaneous methods.”

Criminal Proceedings I Student

“Well organized and easy to navigate."

R. Perez

“Your new design is wonderful and a lot easier to use."

B. Igros

“I love that we can take the practice quizzes and see the classes we missed online.”

C. Anaya

“I love the flexibility of taking the class online when not able to attend the lecture.”

A. Mendoza

“Awesome!! Yes, I did an average of 8 hours per week worth of studying, using the on-line lab.”

Criminal Proceedings I Student

“Especially living in Riverside, I loved how I can take practices and lectures through my phone! Loved it!”

Criminal Proceedings I Student

“Yes, the hands-on learning and on-site and on-line practices are indispensable and prepare students for the state examination.”

Criminal Proceedings II Student

“Yes, the small group sessions were very helpful and the practices are very valuable.”

M. Wilson

“Excellent class website. Well done! Lots of help from the Online Manager if we need it.”

Criminal Proceedings II Student

“It’s great to be able to review material online. I used all of the features, mock quizzes and recordings.”

Criminal Proceedings I Student

“I was satisfied with all information available both in class and online sources. More than satisfied, extremely pleased.”

Criminal Proceedings I Student

“The class website is great. It has all you need to pass the course.”

I. Peña

“It’s a great asset for your school. It’s very practical, life-saving if you missed a class lecture. This school rocks!”

A. Aranda

“The sight translation renditions available online are awesome!”

Sight Translation Student

Would you recommend attending our free group orientation?

“Yes, based on all the information I received during orientation and the preparation offered at the school before the state exam.”

M. Martinez

“Yes, the information that was given at orientation was very accurate. It was helpful to know that a lot of time needs to be dedicated to studying and practicing in order to keep up with your courses.”

M. Raya

“Yes, all the materials received allowed me to be very prepared. Everything is well planned and presented.

Criminal Proceedings I Student


All students fill out evaluations after completion of each course. Some include their name, others remain anonymous. These quotes represent less than 4% of the evaluations collected in a given quarter. Evaluations remain on file and are property of the Southern California School of Interpretation.